Dirty Bomb Goes Completely Free; Servers Shut Down At The End Of 2019

Dirty Bomb

Splash Damage announced that Dirty Bomb will be completely free as part of the developers saying “thank you” to the community. This includes removing all the game’s microtransactions, and making it where gamers can play it at no costs starting January 15th.

On January 8th, 2019 the developers made the original announcement via a tweet.

Splash Damage also made a post over on the Dirty Bomb website, explaining…

“Late last year we announced we were ending active development on Dirty Bomb. In that post, we said that after one more update development would cease but, as we sat down to discuss what fixes we would make, the contents of that build changed.


“Instead, we wanted to turn this update into a celebration of Dirty Bomb, allowing players old and new to experience everything, without a cost. We’ve been working to remove all monetisation from Dirty Bomb, and also have thrown in a few extra treats as a thank you to all of our players for supporting the title over the years.”

All of the RADS that players have purchased from the cash shop are being converted into in-game credits, enabling gamers to purchase whatever they want from the in-game shops.

They’ve also enabled Steam trading for even more items, and increased the credit earn rates.

They don’t exactly say what will happen to the game after the servers shut down in late 2019 at the end of this year. They do note that the Multiplay community server hosting will be closing down on February 28th, 2019. In the post they explain…

“Dedicated servers will be running in active regions until the end of 2019. Beyond that, no decision has been made so far.”

Beyond that it looks like you may want to get in some game time with Dirty Bomb while everything is free ahead of its closure.

It originally came out back in 2015, and it seemed like it was just another generic first-person team shooter, but after some high-profile YouTubers like TotalBiscuit began playing it, the game gained a notably decent playerbase. However, like most MOFPS games, the crowd eventually dissipated and now the game averages just a couple of hundred players a day, according to Steam Charts.

If you want to check out the game, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page where it’s currently free-to-play.

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