Disjunction, Isometric Cyberpunk Dabbles In Stealth-RPG Mechanics

Ape Tribe Games released a new trailer for their hand-animted, cyberpunk noir game, Disjunction, which is a mixture of stealth-oriented exploration, role-playing, and hardcore RPG elements combined with isometric hack-and-slash shooting.

Players will be able to choose how they tackle each of the missions and what sort of methods they use in order to complete those objectives.

Ape Tribe accurately describes the game as a single-player, cyberpunk, stealth-action RPG. Based on what’s showcased in the announcement trailer, it definitely seems to live up to that standard. You can check it out below.

The story of the game centers around an environmentally unstable, and economically destroyed United States set during 2048, where societal destabilization has taken place, poverty is at an all-time high, and millions of Americans struggling to survive in a crime-ridden dystopia where lawlessness spreads through the streets like heroin through the veins of an addict. So it’s basically a look at what the world will look up if Leftists manage to get their way and open-borders become a thing while corporatism goes unchecked.

Anyway, players take on the roles of three characters as they fight their way through the urban wastelands filled with thugs, gangsters, and degenerate scoundrels. Along the way of making cash and trying to escape from the perpetual cycle of poverty and violence, players will uncover a greater mystery along the way.

The game mixes steal-oriented action with the ability to perform melee attacks, utilize explosives, or throw down with some good old fashioned, American-made projectile-based hardware.

You’ll be able to upgrade the characters utilizing four different abilities, eight different cybernetic upgrades, and 16 different talents. There are also 30 different non-linear stages to make your way through.

You can play a demo of Disjunction right now by visiting the official website. The game is scheduled to release at some point in 2019 over on the Steam store.


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