Dysmantle, Post-Apoc RPG Lets You Break 99% Of Everything Within The Game World


One of the top selling points for the post-apocalyptic survival simulator from 10Tons Ltd called Dysmantle is that 99% of everything within the game world can be broken down and dismantled with the right set of tools.

It’s a Minecraft-esque approach to the survival simulator but it’s played like a classic Fallout game from the 1990s in terms of having an isometric camera angle.

You’ll need to gather supplies, outfit your survivor, and attempt to fight off or flee from mutants.

The game is basically what Fallout 76 should have been. You awake from a shelter and attempt to explore the brave new world after the apocalypse has taken place. You’ll need to scavenge the environment for supplies, build outposts to keep your goods, and craft new equipment, tools, outfits, and weapons. You can check out the game below via the official announcement trailer.

There are also some neat elements in the game, such as being able to capture animals and creatures and not just kill them. This will allow you to do things like start a zoo. No, really.

You’ll be able to use your skills to gather exotic plants and herbs, as well as fish for food from lakes and rivers.

The game extends itself beyond the typical trappings of a survival simulator, though. For instance, there are story elements and mysteries scattered about the open-world sandbox for you to discover and unravel.

It basically feels like the game Bethesda should have been making instead of the piss-poor cash-grab that is Fallout 76.

I also have to note that 10Tons is really stepping up their game. They used to make a lot of low-end top-down zombie shooters, but their tools seem to be getting better, their ideas seem to be getting bigger, and their projects seem to be becoming more grandiose. No complaints here.

Console gamers are already port-begging for Dysmantle so I’m guessing they did something right.

There’s no release date on the game just yet, but you wishlist or follow Dysmantle by visiting the Steam store page.

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