EA Refuses To Honor Origin’s Refund Policy For Star Wars: Battlefront
Great Game Guarantee

One gamer is stuck in a pickle as he’s not being granted a refund for Star Wars: Battlefront after he purchased it from Origin only to find that there was no one on the multiplayer servers. Like any well-adjusted gamer, he decided that if the multiplayer servers were empty he would refund it.

TechSpot notes that Reddit user Papamje has been attempting to get a refund for the last four days.

Electronic Arts has a “Great Game Guarantee” for any game purchased from Origin. It’s right there on the Origin store. If you visit the Origin page [backup] there’s literally a section about EA’s refund policy. It’s been in place since 2015.

The policy explicitly says…

“We Stand By Our Games. If you don’t love it, return it. EA full game downloads purchased on Origin are eligible for a full refund.


“When you play a game for the first time, you expect it to rock – to be worth every nickel you spent on it. We expect that too. And while we can’t guarantee that you’ll never encounter a glitch (hard as we might try), we can guarantee that we’ll make it right if something goes wrong.”

According to the site, if you don’t love a game within the first 24 hours of when you first launch the game, or 14 days from the date you purchased the game, or 14 days from the game’s release date if you pre-ordered, you can refund the game.

When Papamje attempted to refund the game within 24 hours of launching the game, he was given the runaround by Origin’s support staff.

After spending two full days getting the runaround from Origin’s support staff, eventually Papamje was contacted by someone at Electronic Arts who told him they would be taking “personal ownership on the case”. This only happened after the post garnered nearly 10,000 upvotes on the PC Gaming sub-reddit.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to take digs at Electronic Arts, YouTuber YongYea attempted to cover the case, stoking the rage against the two-time Worst Company in America.

This isn’t even the first time that a post had to go viral to get the muscle of the internet hate machine in motion against Electronic Arts in order to elicit a response.

Back in August of 2018, Electronic Arts was forced to address an Origin user who lost all his games and the support staff refused to even look into his case. The post went viral, and everyone around the net had to get involved to finally get EA to react.

There’s no telling if EA will concede and actually adhere to their consumer refund policy, or if Padamje will have to escalate this to a higher authority. It’s not like EA can afford anymore ill-will, especially after Battlefield V bombed on the market, and it looks like Anthem is heading toward a similar fate given the lack of interest from the gaming community.

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