Kingdom Come: Deliverance Band of Bastards DLC Launches February 5th

Kingdome Come Deliverance Band of Bastards

Warhorse Studios isn’t done with Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The game continues to find an audience, continues to rack up a lot of positive feedback from the community, and continues to receive brand new DLC. The latest content pack, called the Band of Bastards, is due to drop on February 5th.

The new DLC sees Henry attempting to join a group of riders to stop a certain occurrence taking place within the land. We don’t know what their goal is based on the trailer, and there’s some obvious ominous music that plays as we see the ragtag group looking to scour the countryside.

The trailer is specifically vague as to not give anything away, leaving gamers to have to either go in blind to find out more about this band of bastards, or attempt to scour the forums and wiki pages to have the info leaked ahead of the February 5th release. Either way, you can check out the trailer below to see the foul group in action.

To add a bit of context to what you just watched above, apparently the countryside has been ravaged by some unknown threat, and Sir Radzig sends in Henry to investigate.

Along the way Henry comes across a merry band of mercenaries – swords for hire who are intent on using their time for something more than just lollygagging about and drowning their time in ale. Henry opts to join the mercenaries as they ride against the bandits terrorizing the land.

But wait! There’s another twist.

It turns out that the mercenaries may not be entirely who they say they are, and Henry may find himself in an even greater pickle.

Given that Kingdom Come: Deliverance has told some magnificent, historical-based stories without pulling punches and while also offering up surprises, I’m curious to see how this latest tale unfolds when the upcoming DLC launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 5th.

You can learn more about the game, the DLC, and everything that corrupt game journalists hate about Warhorse Studios by visiting the official Kingdom Come: Deliverance website.

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