Medieval Kingdom Wars Brings Historical RTS Warfare To Steam
Medieval Kingdom Wars

Reverie World Studios’ Medieval Kingdom Wars has successfully graduated from Steam’s Early Access program and is currently available for purchase right now on the Steam store for $19.99. But you can get it for 20% off during the first week of sales for only $15.99.

The game is a historical real-time strategy title that takes its history serious, much like Warhose Studios’ Kingdom Come Deliverance, which came out in early 2018 last year.

The game takes place across a grand campaign set during the 14th century featuring nine different scenarios, 50 different Lords, more than a dozen nations to rule, and a variety of units to control, wars to fight, and towns to conquer.

As an RTS it utilizes a constant-save system during gameplay, so you have no way of undoing any of your actions, and permadeath is present. This means you have to be tactical and intelligent with how you grow your army, pillage your foes, and eventually rule the world.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the Let’s Play video below courtesy of Nookrium.

You’ll be able to control up to 120 battalions per battle across 30 different unit types; deal with construction and war time efforts across dynamic and constantly changing weather conditions; the ability to manage your town, put your peasants to work; research new technologies to advance your civilization, and do the one thing the Democrats won’t let Trump do: build the wall.

The full release of the game isn’t the end of development, though. Reverie World Studios have plans on adding in a co-op campaign mode where you and buddy can team up against the AI, as well as new religious features where you can control the leaders of the religion and the way it impacts your people, all new random terrain effects, new expanding tech trees, new UI upgrades, more customization, and even Steam Workshop support.

Majority of the gamers who picked up a copy enjoy Medieval Kingdom Wars, but they do note that it’s still rough around the edges, especially when it comes to the frame-rate optimization and some clunky UI implementation. Hopefully, as part of the ongoing roadmap of improvements for 2019, the developers will take the review and feedback from the customers to heart and improve the overall game moving forward.

You can grab a digital copy right now from the Steam store or check out the user reviews to learn more about Medieval Kingdom Wars.


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