MrDeadMoth, Streamer Who Socked His Pregnant Wife Reportedly Banned Again From Twitch

News reports are going around that Twitch has permanently banned Australian streamer MrDeadMoth from Twitch. This comes weeks after MrDeadMoth was originally banned from Twitch back in mid-December after he was recorded live on stream hitting his pregnant wife after she kept nagging and harassing him to stop playing Fortnite.

Newsweek is reporting that MrDeadMoth’s channel has been suspended again after a wave of protest were supposedly directed toward Twitch to get him banned again once his 14 day suspension was up for domestic abuse.

According to YouTube outlet Tipster, it was purported by those in the TrainwreckTV stream that someone from Twitch confirmed to them that MrDeadMoth was permanently banned from Twitch.

I did reach out to Twitch regarding MrDeadMoth’s permanent ban, but as per the policy on the customer support page, it states that they don’t answer questions about suspensions, and the only option is to appeal suspensions from the support page. Also, there doesn’t appear to be anyway to directly contact them about the status of other user suspensions without having a Twitch account.

Nevertheless, if you attempt to visit MrDeadMoth’s Twitch channel it says his content is unavailable after being suspended again.

Whether or not it’s permanent like mentioned in the YouTube video or if it’s just suspended for the time being like it’s being reported in NewsWeek remains to be seen.

It’s unlikely that Twitch will respond but it looks like people who were incensed about MrDeadMoth having his channel reinstated on Twitch have managed to get him banned again. For those of you who don’t remember what happened, MrDeadMoth was on stream when he got into a verbal kerfuffle with his wife over playing Fortnite, which then escalated into physical violence. A capture of the livestream was re-uploaded to YouTube via Memology 101.

Following that incident, both MrDeadMoth and his wife were arrested and charged by the police, but later the charges were dropped against his wife. Eventually after getting out of jail, MrDeadMoth returned to streaming on Twitch, but as evident with the latest news surrounding the controversial streamer, he’s banned once more.

[Update:] According to an article published on December 20th, 2018 by the Daily Mail, the couple have had a series of domestic altercations, many of which involved MrDeadMoth’s wife beating on him, bruising him, and threatening to harm him and take the kids.

However, in the latest blow-up it was MrDeadMoth that got the rotten end of the stick, being barred from the home and having to spend time away from his home. Now, to top it all off, he’s being banned from Twitch… again.

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