New Alien Project(s) Starring Amanda Ripley Teased
Alien Isolation

The official Alien account tweeted out a 14 second video featuring a glimpse at Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda Ripley. The teaser doesn’t exactly explain what’s going on, but the tweet itself notes that Amanda is a “daughter” (referencing Ellen being the mother), a “rebel” (I don’t know what this is in reference to), and a “hero” (likely referring to her stint in Alien: Isolation).

The tweet was met with a ton of positive feedback from the community, but mostly gamers.

In fact, majority of the Twitter thread are gamers begging and pleading for Alien: Isolation 2, or at least some sequel to it.

NicheGamer also believed that due to the way the original game ended, it might be likely that the official Alien Twitter account is hinting at a possible sequel to the 2014 horror game.

But why is everyone under the impression isn’t tied to Alien: Isolation? Well, because back in November of 2018, 20th Century Fox trademarked Alien: Blackout, which many believe will be the sequel to Alien: Isolation.

Not everyone is convinced that the new tease is in relation to a game, though.

Alien Isolation - Space Station

According to, they point out that there are assumptions that the “Read. Play. Watch” reference from the tweet may relate to the adaptation of Alien: Resistance from Dark Horse Comics being turned into a full length novel, game, and/or movie.

One user on Twitter pointed out that a book cover was teased recently, and so that would cover the “Read” aspect. Alien: Blackout could be a video game sequel starring Amanda Ripley. And potentially, we could see a movie about the character as well. Even though Ridley Scott has ruined the Alien mythos with the prequel films due to continuity and consistency issues, there would probably be a lot of fans who would flock to a third prequel film that covered the events between the 1979’s Alien and the 1986 action flick Aliens, featuring Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda.


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