Sky Tracers Combines Multiplayer Parkour Racing With Third-Person Shooting Action
Sky Tracers

[Correction: The article originally stated that Coilworks was Japanese, but they’re actually Swedish]

Swedish developer Coilworks announced that they have a new third-person action-racing game set to release on Steam called Sky Tracers. It’s a mixture of intense parkour racing combined with futuristic platforming and combat. The really cool part about it is that it combines all of these elements into an online multiplayer race, not unlike Sprint Vector.

The game is a classical throwback to old-school multiplayer racers, where there isn’t much of a plot and you won’t be spending any time going through a “cinematic” story.

Instead, the focus is on the actual gameplay, where players will have to utilize their skills to make use of the characters’ parkour skills and abilities to race across rooftops, grind on billboards and avoid getting taken down by some vicious robots standing in your way. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below, featuring footage from the alpha build of Sky Tracers.

The gameplay reminds me a little bit of Hover: Rise of Gamers and Street Gears, combining the multiplayer elements from the latter, with the futuristic elements from the former.

I do think that the trailer is a little sparse when it comes to actual gameplay. However, what little we do get to see seems like the visuals have been purposefully mirrored after Mirror’s Edge but with the anime influence of games like S4 League.

And speaking of S4 League, the game gives you some third-person shooting action in combination with the parkour platforming. You’ll have to battle against evil robots littered throughout the stage, so it’s a combination of finding your momentum to win the race while also exercising your hand-eye coordination to take out your foes.

There will be character customization, additional game modes, and the ability to chat and hang out with other players in between matches.

You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page in preparation for the game’s launch.


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