Tireless, 3D Platformer Mixes In Elements From Minecraft, TRON, And Sonic The Hedgehog

There’s an upcoming game based on the Minecraft concept of voxel-based gameplay sandbox-style 3D levels called Tireless. It’s being put together by a father and son duo working tirelessly (pun intended) to get the up and finished.

Tireless is a third-person platformer, though, unlike the first-person mechanics present in Minecraft. There’s a new gameplay video that was posted up recently showcasing the game’s mechanics, visual aesthetics and some of the features that attempt to separate it from Microsoft and Mojang’s popular title.

Now the first thing that you’ll notice about Tireless is that the game is designed as a traditional 3D platformer. It utilizes basic ‘W’,’A’,’S’,’D’, controls with jumping and dashing, and also sports power-up boosters, and lots of skill-based level traversal.

Another big difference between Tireless and Minecraft is that you have lives in Tireless. If you lose all your health or fall off the platform and die, you’ll have to restart at a checkpoint. If you lose all your lives you’ll have to completely redo the level. So it’s like the old Super Mario games or Crash Bandicoot or all those cool 3D platformers from the fifth generation of gaming. You can check out the gameplay in the five minute demonstration video below, which covers the tutorial area.

There is one huge difference between the way Tireless plays and Minecraft plays, and that’s in the Adrenaline feature.

The Adrenaline allows players to dash forward at a rapid pace, moving at blurring speeds just like in a Sonic The Hedgehog game.

In fact, the Adrenaline dash is almost identical to the dashing in most of the recent 3D Sonic titles.

The Unreal Engine-powered title may have a voxel design for the geometry and characters, but it’s quite obvious that the lighting, music, and asset work mirrors Disney’s TRON quite a bit. There’s a prominent display of high-contrasting colors between dark, nebulous shades of black and bright neon blues, yellows, and greens.

They don’t mention if there’s anything else to the game beyond the rapid 3D platforming, but there is a free demo available for you to download from over on the Indie Expo website.

You can give Tireless a go on your own time and see if it’s the sort of game that might appeal to you.

If it has a voxel-based course creation utility that would definitely increase the replayability and interest factor multi-fold.

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