WRC 8 Will Feature Revamped Physics, Releases September, 2019 For Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Bigben Games and Kylotonn Racing Games are bringing WRC back with WRC 8, which is due to be published in September, 2019 on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It’s going to arrive many months after Codemasters drops DiRT Rally 2.0, but just judging by the debut reveal trailer for the game, it’s pretty obvious that WRC 8 looks like it’s really pushing the limits on graphical fidelity and trying to achieve the most realistic looking and playing rally-racing simulation on the market.

TheGG.net picked up the news from an unlisted reveal trailer that was published back on January 24th, 2019 over on the Bigben Games YouTube channel. You can check out the 57 second reveal trailer below.

Now they don’t show actual in-game HUDs or control mechanics, but what is on display looks really good. I originally thought that the WRC 7 trailers were pre-rendered, but it turned out the actual game looked very much like the promotional trailers, so if the WRC 8 trailer is anything to go by then the game will definitely give DiRT Rally 2.0 a real run for its money.

I love the DiRT games but they seem to casualize themselves more and more with each new entry, where-as WRC seems to be moving in the opposite direction by becoming more and more simulation oriented, which makes it seem like the more worthwhile series to follow if you enjoy realistic rally racing, especially when you look at the last WRC 7 vs DiRT 4 comparison.

The upcoming game will include realistic dynamic weather, 50 different teams based on the real-life 2019 WRC season, and 100 different tracks spread across 14 different countries.

The game will feature weekly challenges, an all new e-sports mode, and both new and historic rally vehicles along with a full upgrade feature throughout a fully developed career mode.

TheGG article also points out that Kylotonn has revamped the physics with all new modified grip, car setting adjustments, shocks, dampening, and tire dynamics to help increase the realism factor for the game.

I’m definitely looking forward to the DiRT Rally 2.0 and WRC 8 comparison videos that will likely pop up once both games are made available on the market.


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