Bloodstained Set To Release This Summer On Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Bloodstained This Summer

505 Games announced during the recent Nintendo Direct that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will be available this summer for the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One, PS4, and on PC. An exact release date still wasn’t detailed but we at least know that it’s coming this year.

In addition to announcing the game’s release window, they also released a brand new trailer showcasing more of the gameplay and mechanics. You can check out the entire segment from the Nintendo Direct below.

In the trailer we get to see some of the new gameplay features that we haven’t seen before, including some of the platforming puzzles you’ll encounter along the way and a few of the skills you can utilize. For instance, we see that you can petrify enemies and even use the petrified blocks against other enemies.

Beyond the combat and puzzles we also get to see more of the finished levels and some of the actual skill-based platforming segments.

Unlike other Metroidvanias you don’t just gain items and call it today or acquire upgrades scattered around the levels. Artplay have setup where you acquire parts and then craft new weapons and shards to enhance your abilities.

Bloodstained - Red Corset

The game’s road to release hasn’t been easy, nor has it been without controversy. Some of the backers were angered that the developers were reticent about a lot of the development decisions, such as the twilight announcement about Linux and Mac support being cancelled at the last minute, and then being denied refunds for their investment.

505 has also been intent on trying to ignore the complaints and animosity some fans have had toward the decision to deny backers their refunds, telling backers they can either sell their backer copy or look to get it on another system, which obviously did not go over well with the Linux and Mac users who got burned in the decision.

We’ll see if Artplay and 505 can win gamers back over by the time the summer rolls around, but based on the latest footage that was aired during the Nintendo Direct, it seems like they’re trying to get back on the right path.


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