Crackdown 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Crackdown 3 Walkthrough

Sumo Digital and Xbox Game Studios’ Crackdown 3 finally released on the Xbox One and Windows 10. The game pretty much had a ton of negative hype leading into its release, but after multiple delays and a modest weekend release, the game became available to round out the Crackdown trilogy.

YouTuber WOOF Bandits has a full gameplay walkthrough covering the game from start to finish. The Crackdown 3 walkthrough only clocks in at three and a half hours, so you can actually beat the game in under five hours. You can check it out below.

The game starts with a rousing speech from Isiah Jaxon, the leader of the Agents. However, during the middle of the speech while they make their way into New Providence to take down the bad guys, their transport is shot out of the sky and Agent Jaxon gets blown in half with half his body eviscerated.

The Asian refugee chick manages to use the leftover tech to regenerate Jaxon’s body, however he’s no longer as strong as he used to be so you’ll have to level him back up.

At the start of the game you’ll need to grab the pistol. Hold down ‘X’ to grab items.

You can fire the weapon with the right trigger. You can throw grenades with the bumper.

As you collect the orbs around the city, either via exploration or by killing enemies, you’ll level up, which will increase your accuracy, your damage, and your abilities.

Follow the purple nav point on your HUD to the power station inside the enemy base.

Simlpy go over to the power generators and hold down ‘X’ to eject the modules and disable the power station to complete the first mission.

Crackdown 3 - Jaxon

Next, you’ll need to make your way into the facility. The enemies will keep respawning due to the robot printing machine. Make your way through the facility and don’t stop otherwise the enemies will just keep coming. You can roll out of the way by pressing the dodge button on the Xbox controller to roll-dodge.

Defeat Berg and his robots to complete the first boss fight, which will trigger the game’s intro sequence and another cinematic.

The cinematic will lay out the main bosses in the game scattered across the city. You’ll also be introduced to the basic mechanics of the game, including the upgrade system.

You can pick and choose which of the main missions or side-quests you can take on from the main menu.

Crackdown 3 - Liv Sorensen

The first main boss you’re introduced to is the enforcer commander, Liv Sorensen, but you won’t have to fight her (and you shouldn’t fight her) until much later into the game.

All the bosses work on a basic principle, however. As you take out enemy operations you’ll raise up the boss bar until it reaches the top and then your objective is to take out the boss in that area.

Before you can dish out serious damage against enemies you’ll need to utilize supply points scattered throughout the city. You can hold down the left bumper to access the supply points and upgrade your weapons, unlock new weapons, and change your loadout,

As you battle through enemies and earn orbs you’ll level up the agent, which in turn will allow you to unlock new abilities, such as using your melee attack while jumping to do a ground-pound attack. Different orbs also increase different stats. So green orbs give you movement upgrades while yellow orbs give you explosive upgrades and red orbs give you strength upgrades.

The game has an open-world sandbox so you can pick and choose which missions you do next. However, it’s probably best to start with the smaller enemy outposts to gain some orbs and upgrade your Agent before specifically targeting a boss. However, once you’re ready to face off against a boss, you’ll have to raise the bar to the top to unlock their location and then travel there.

Crackdown 3 - Roxy

Defeating Roxy

One of the easier bosses to target is Roxy.

When you’re facing off against Roxy, you’ll need to destroy the AI’s control points around the city. Roxy’s minions consist of a variety of robots and mechs. So make sure you bring weapons that are good against disabling or destroying robots.

After you disable the monorail systems, you’ll be able to take down Roxy’s central memory core inside the facility, located on the east side of the map. If you have a grenade or rocket launcher, be sure to stockpile the ammo and use it on the memory core. Use an assault rifle or plasma rifle on the robot minions. After you destroy the memory core you’ll need to use the vent to glide all the way up to the next level.

It can be tricky, but you’ll need to stay in the very middle of the vent’s air wave in order to travel all the way up to the next level where there’s a garrison of robot enemies and a green fan.

Kill the robots and then proceed up the fan and begin to attack Roxy’s core, which will be shielded but become exposed when the shielding goes down at set intervals.

Crackdown 3 - Roxy's Core

Remember to use explosives on Roxy’s core while using sub-machine guns or assault rifles on the robots.

The trick to fighting Roxy on the upper level is that you can’t stay in one place.

Pepper Roxy with explosives and then run up to the next level and kill the robots flooding the area to whittle down her forces and resupply your ammo.

Run to the other side of the map to avoid being bombarded with fire and give yourself a little leeway.

After you take out the memory core hop on top of the vent and fly up top to the next level.

Roxy will keep sending reinforcements so don’t get stuck fighting the robots. Keep making your way up each level until you reach the top where the next segment of the Roxy fight will be shielded and she’ll fire back at you.

Use the wall for cover and then shoot at the electric tubes connected to Roxy’s core in order to weaken the shield.

Now the trick here is that the robots will spawn incessantly while Roxy will keep targeting and shooting you if you come out from behind cover. So before you run out make sure you’re already aiming at the electrical conduits so this way you can do damage once you do step out. Also keep in mind that there’s a rotating shield that covers up the conduits, so you’ll have to work on your timing. Also grenade launchers probably won’t work so well since the support conduits are in the air and the grenades typically fire at an arc.

Once the conduits are offline you can then pepper the main core with whatever weapons you have left until you deplete Roxy’s life and destroy her.

Eliminate Terranova Forces

After defeating Roxy the city will go on lockdown and you’ll have to defeat a whole bunch of Terranova forces until you reach 100%. There will be guys with blaster launchers and grenades lobbed at you – take out the grenadiers first, otherwise they will bombard you with explosives and kill you quickly.

After you destroy the Terranova forces, you’ll need to target and destroy the cells located around the structure. They’ll be heavily guarded by more grenadiers, so if you can find a way to get around them and ambush them you might be able to take them by surprise and knock out some of their units. Alternatively you can lure out the aerial enemies to draw them away from the cells. Use a rifle or rocket launcher to take them out.

Crackdown 3 - Quist

Defeating Quist

After you disable the Terranova forces you’ll be able to gain access to the Terranova Logistics tower. You’ll need to scale up the tower using the gravity lifts until you reach Quist.

During the first part of the boss fight he’ll use a shield and some projectiles. Simply pepper him with fire until his life gets low enough where he teleports up to the next level.

To get up to the gravity lift, you’ll need to head to the far right side of the area and scale up the side of the platforms and then jump over to the glowing purple energy lift. Let it blast you all the way up to the next platform.

From there you’ll need to platform up to the next area. Climb up the green wall and then head up to the elevators that are on vertical rotation.

Make your way around and up the platforms, following the enemies placed around the area until you reach the next set of elevators. There will be one elevator moving across and another moving up. You can use the railing on the side of the wall to get to the elevator traveling up. You’ll need to run along the beams, go on top of the elevator and then make your way to the nav point.

Follow the waypoints until you reach the very top of the tower, where you’ll face off against Quist again.

Use your weapons to pepper Quist’s shields and take down his life along with his minions until you finish him off.

After each boss fight there’s a Terranova kill squad that will come in to kill you. Use your weapons to blast them down to pieces until you hit the 100% mark. Focus on the weak units first and then take out the aerial forces.

Every time you defeat the kill squad and reach 100% you disable Terranova’s lockdown protocol and it frees you up to journey throughout the city freely again.

Destroy Strongholds

When you’re ready to take on the next boss, you can journey through New Providence, taking out various factional strongholds and their locations. They’re human so melee attacks work really well in close-range combat. However, they’re not above using heavy ordinance.

You’ll need to eliminate four of the Enforcer officers throughout New Providence at each of the locations.

Crackdown 3 - Djimon Keita

Defeating Djimon Keita

When you complete all of Keita’s strongholds you’ll unlock the final boss fight against Keita at his toxic waste plant.

The first level of the boss fight involves destroying five of the plant valves located throughout the chemical plant. Use the air lifts to scale up the structures and destroy the tanks while targeting the valves.

There are plenty of grenadiers up high who will bombard you with explosives but they’re all located in close together squads, so it’s easy to just blast them.

The valves are located on the map with the yellow icons. You’ll first need to hack the valve to raise it and then scale up the platform to blow the valve up.

Hacking is pretty easy, just go over to the console and hold down the left bumper to hack the device.

Crackdown 3 - Hacks

Be sure to clear out the area because you have to complete the hack in one go. If you start and then stop half way then you’ll just have to start over, so make sure you’re not being shot while attempting to hack.

As you hack and destroy the valves, the enemies will get harder and they will send more and more reinforcements the more destruction you cause. So it’s best to stay on the move and be sure to use the clutter of the environment to your advantage as cover, especially when aerial attackers are called in.

The final hacking valve is located at the top of the facility.

It’s heavily guarded by lots of aerial drones and grenadiers. The good part is that if your strength levels are high enough you can simply one-hit punch the grenadiers, which is actually easier than shooting them.

When the final valve is exposed, don’t worry about the enemies, once you blow it up a cinematic will play and Djimon Keita will be defeated. You never actually have to fight him one-on-one, he dies in the cinematic once the final valve is destroyed.

This also opens up the section on the map to finally fight Vargas.

Crackdown 3 - Enforcers

Defeating Sorensen

Unlike the other bosses, Sorensen is not located up inside of a highly secured tower. Instead, Sorensen is one of the few traveling bosses that moves around the city in a flying transport, forcing you to have to stay on the move and combat her while on the ground and using vehicles.

It’s a rare boss fight insofar that you’ll need to rely on chucking objects into the air at Sorensen’s aerial craft. So long as you focus on the transport and don’t get too distracted, the boss is rather easy.

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