Crackdown 3 New Gameplay Video Shows Off Boss Fight

It looks like the Senior Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, Joseph Staten, was right in that something Crackdown 3 related would pop up sometime soon. Known as the Crackdown 3 event, multiple publications and YouTubers had the chance to go hands-on with the forthcoming title, which brought forth new gameplay footage.

Crackdown 3 is currently slated to hit PC via the Windows 10 Store and the Xbox One family of consoles on February 15th, 2019. Yes, after more delays than actual gameplay footage, folks interested in this game now have a solid date to look forward to this month.

Ahead of the official release is actual Crackdown 3 gameplay showing one of the bosses in action. Additionally, having to sift through terrible gameplay that IGN and GameInformer boldly posted, you can check out more tolerable gameplay footage by YouTuber Arekkz Gaming below.

If I had to be honest here, the game looks lackluster to be delayed as many times as it has. However, I’m sure the final product will give a better look into what the game has to offer, but this demo of the game hasn’t even piqued my interest to consider seeing more.

Anyway, Arekkz Gaming notes in the above video that he had the opportunity to either play the game on the Xbox One X or on PC and picked the latter. Sadly, we don’t know the specs of the rig he was playing on, but he did note it was “running in 4K.”

In case you missed it, back on January 17th, 2019, the game will no longer have four-player campaign co-op according to, which has been reduced down to two players. The open world can be explored right from the start without load times, the environments are only destructible on a much smaller scale than before in the single-player mode, and the full-on destruction is limited to multiplayer modes.

If you need more Crackdown 3 info, you can check out to see listed achievements, or you can wait for February 15th to roll around to pick it up.

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