Devil May Cry 5 Voice Actor Reuben Langdon Shot At 6 Times During Botched Hijacking

Reuben Langdon

On Saturday night, February 16th, 2019, Devil May Cry 5 voice actor Reuben Langdon and his traveling companions were shot at six times by assailants attempting to hijack and rob their vehicle. The hijackers failed to get into the vehicle after they sped away, but not before pumping at least six bullets into the back and side of the car.

The details of the incident were rolled out via a near four minute recap video at the scene of the incident via Steve Copeland, a filmmaker working on a documentary with Reuben Langdon.

You can view the full video embed below, which was posted up on Copeland’s Facebook page shortly after it happened.

In the video they explain that the robbers fired off at least six shots at the car after failing to get inside and steal the vehicle.

One of the shots pierced through the lower back window, while another shot hit the bumper. Things became slightly more harrowing than they already were when the side of the car was hit – with several shots shearing through the rear right-side door.

One of the bullets actually lodged into the back of the front passenger-side seat exactly where Langdon was sitting. As he recounts in the video, he felt something hit him, referring to the pieces of the vehicle debris that blew off from the impact of the bullet.

Langdon explains…

“[The bullet] didn’t pierce the seat but I think [it] ricochets [and] the plastic hit me in the leg or hit me in the back. I felt something down here [points to lower back] and I’m thinking ‘did I fucking get shot? Just keep going we’ll see if there’s blood later’. [laughs]”

Both Copeland and Langdon were in a surprisingly good mood despite the ordeal that had just taken place moments before.

Langdon joked that he couldn’t die yet because he still had to attend the Devil May Cry 5 wrap party since the game isn’t out yet.

You can look for Devil May Cry 5 to launch on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC starting March 8th, 2019 next month.

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