EA Claims They Didn’t Blacklist YouTuber Over Anthem Review, Only Asked Him To Delete The Review

Electronic Arts has come under fire recently for reportedly having a YouTuber delete his negative review of Anthem and for allegedly blacklisting him. However, Electronic Arts fired back stating that they indeed did not blacklist the YouTuber, only asked him to delete his review of Anthem due to a disclosure issue.

Kotaku In Action actually has an outline on the timeline of events that originated with YouTuber Gggmanlives, who claimed that he was blacklisted by EA and had to delete his Anthem review on February 22nd, 2019.

Gggmanlives’ tweet was picked up by the YouTube outlet Skill Up, which in turn caught the attention of GameDaily.biz, which outlined the events in an article.

Hours later the international manager of community engagement at Electronic Arts, Lee Williams, chimed in to correct the original story to say that Gggmanlives was not blacklisted, but that there were issues with the disclosure at the start of the video.

In the exchange, Gggmanlives popped into the thread to explain how he was honest about the game but still had the video removed.

Williams retorted that Gggmanlives was not blacklisted.

Some people questioned the entire ethical spectrum of being part of the Game Changer program while also reviewing products. When one content creator – Larry Bundy Jr – hopped into the thread to praise Gggmanlives for sticking up for his beliefs, content creator Shaun Joy countered that there still seems to be a gray area between being part of a promotional campaign for a publisher and reviewing the product.

Regardless of the outcome over the ethical quandary relating to the Game Changer program, Gggmanlives decided to re-upload the review on YouTube with the removal of the disclosure.

Anthem is available right now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC… and the general consensus so far is that it’s bad.

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