Fast And Furious: Hobbs And Shaw Trailer Is Packed To The Brim With Muscles, Bullets, And Fast Cars
Hobbs and Shaw (2019)

While pencil-necked, soy-guzzling, Liberal-leaning, problem glasses-wearing, nu-males whine and pine about toxic masculinity, real men like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham are making movies for other real men to enjoy, like Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw.

The upcoming action flick just received its official trailer and it contains more explosions, more bulging muscles, more fight scenes and fast cars than what’s contained within the two hour runtime of most other full-featured films.

I’m still debating on if the trailer gives away too much or if it gives away just enough, but you can check out the three and a half minute action-fest below, courtesy of FilmSelect Trailer.

So the hook for the movie is that a ghost merc played by Idris Elba (and thankfully he’s the villain here), is doing some bad guy stuff. We don’t really know why or what he’s up to, but essentially he’s a super villain. No, really.

He is a super-enhanced human with the ability to absorb abnormal amounts of punishment and is impervious to standard arms fire and has super strength.

I would have preferred if they had someone like Wu Jing or Donnie Yen work as his right-hand man so we would at least get a really good fight scene out of the film, but apparently Universal needed to hit that token diversity checklist and Idris the man they went with.

Hobbs and Shaw - 4th Time Saving The World

There’s a lot of completely over-the-top situations in the film, though, where Hobbs and Shaw attempt to track down and stop Elba from doing whatever it is he’s trying to do. It involves capturing some hot chick, so I’m sure Leftists are foaming at the mouth and falling over themselves that the film not only contains loads of what they would call “toxic masculinity”, but there’s also a damsel in distress sub-plot, too. It’s my kind of movie.

There’s a ton of vehicular destruction as well, which keeps in tune with the Fast & Furious DNA formula. Some of the commenters on the YouTube page felt that it was too far of a departure from the standard series, but more movies featuring masculine action sequences celebrating traditional masculine traits such as strength, power, speed, and brute force are always a joy to experience when done right.

Hobbs and Shaw - Elba

Also, bravo to Universal for making the main villain someone who isn’t a straight, white male. In today’s politically correct age it’s almost a rarity to have a straight, white male as the hero and a black guy as the villain. It’s strange that you even have to commend the studio for making non-whites villains these days given how overtly politically correct our society has become. But there it is.

You can look for Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw to drop into theaters later this year.


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