Final Fantasy 7 Remako HD Mod Available For Download, Features AI-Enhanced Upgrades
Final Fantasy VII Remako HD Mod

The team working on the Final Fantasy VII Remako HD modification announced recently that the first iteration release of the mod is currently available for download right now over on the the Captrobau website.

The mod uses an AI neural network to digitally enhance the background images within Final Fantasy VII. The modders basically had to extract the images, run it through the AI image enhancer, port the images back into the game and issue the final results to the general public.

The HD texture pack was originally announced back on January 6th, 2019, and it was covered by DSO Gaming.

The AI takes the static image and enhances the resolution by up to 400%, filling in the details of the pixels for a near 1:1 accurate supersampling of the image.

The final results is a modification that makes old games look new again. You can get an idea of what it’s like with the demonstration video below, showcasing the comparisons between the original game and the new modded version.

The actual 3D models haven’t changed, so they’re still using the ugly, low-poly designs from way back in 1997. The backgrounds, however, have all been enhanced so that they look a heck of a lot better than they did in the original release. Unfortunately, the jarring distinction between the character models and the backgrounds might make it difficult for some players to get immersed in the game.

You can see for yourself how the mod looks in action during the first eight minutes of the game.

The mod maker is gathering feedback on the project, so if you run into any problems they want to know.

You can download the Final Fantasy VII Remako modification right now from over on the Captrobau download page.

If you’re having trouble installing the mod, you can use the installation guide to help you out.

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