Forgiveness, Escape Room Psychological Thriller Gets A Demo On Steam

Israeli developer Noam Matan Rotem announced that the first-person puzzle thriller, Forgiveness, has a free demo that’s currently available for download over on the Steam store, ahead of the game’s official release on February 28th at the end of the month.

The game is hailed as being set within the escape room sub-genre, which is part of the psychological thriller genre where players are trapped in a location and must solve specific puzzles in order to escape from a dire situation.

As for Forgiveness, the game is based around the seven deadly sins and is a psychological-thriller where you’ll need to complete a personality test and overcome various puzzles in order to complete the story mode.

The story itself is about a mysterious individual who has lived a life of sin and wakes up a room overseen by Dr. Benjamin Smith who has trapped you in the confines of his abode. You will have to overcome his tests and attempt to escape from his gauntlet of judgment where your freedom hangs in the balance.

You can get a glimpse at what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The free demo gives you just a small taste of the atmosphere and some of the puzzle elements you’ll have to encounter along the way.

The full version of the game will feature a robust personality test at the beginning of the story, and depending on how you answer will change the layout of some of the rooms, as well as the designs of the environment, which is kind of neat.

There are also two different gameplay modes available, Free Play and Story Mode, the former of which lets you choose the rooms you want to explore while the latter is structured around however you answered the personality test.

Additionally you can play through the game in two different difficulty settings, Normal and Extreme. The former feeds you hints if you get stuck and has no time limit, while the latter forces you to complete each segment with a 30 minute time limit per each room.

Sounds like an interesting game if you’re into psychological thrillers or the whole escape room sub-genre. You can learn more about Forgiveness, which will launch on February 28th for $9.99 by visiting the Steam store page.


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