Former Battlefield Global Community Manager Leaves EA To Start A Company Focused On Esports

After the controversial figure known as Patrick Söderlund left Electronic Arts to start his own dev team dubbed Embark Studios, it looks like yet another will follow along Söderlund’s footsteps, except in the field of esports.

Whether you believe the recent empty seats at EA has meaning to it or not, there’s no denying that familiar names have left in recent times. This includes people like Jade Raymond, Patrick Söderlund, Battlefield’s producer Jojje Dalunde, and now Dan Mitre — Battlefield Global Community Manager.

If you happen to be unaware who Mitre is, he is the guy who said this during a Battleifled V live stream:

Now that you know who the tatted up soy drinker is, time to move on to what he’ll be doing now, instead of working for EA and doing Battlefield related content. Over on r/battlefieldv, Mitre posted up a farewell letter (which can be found on Twitter too) that explains how he collaborated with other people and how he’ll miss working at EA. However, Mitre will still be in the games industry doing stuff as noted below:

“I’m still 100% in the industry as I’m forming and running my own gaming company focused on esports. So, I’ll be catching you at an upcoming E3 and Gamescom!”

I’m not sure what Mitre’s gaming company focused around esports will be as of now, but I’m assuming we’ll find out during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2019) as well as Gamescom since he listed them both.

Moreover, if Söderlund’s work at Embark Studios is any indication — which is set to be a multiplayer game sporting live service mechanics — expect this esports title or thing to hold the same current year stuff toppled on.

And lastly, here’s a tweet from Mitre offering a bit more insight into what might come out of his gaming company focused on esports:

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