Fractured’s Sandbox MMO Development Progress Includes More Enemies, Biomes, Housing

Dynamight Studios released an update over on the official website covering the progress and development of the upcoming, isometric, sandbox MMO, Fractured, and how much they managed to get done throughout 2018 and how much they still have to go.

While the game is still in pre-alpha testing, with tight NDAs in effect to prevent media for the game from making its way out into the public, there’s been a lot of progress in terms of how many different biomes the developers have been able to craft, which includes the grasslands, the dry plains, the rolling hills, the mountains, coastlines, and marshes.

There will be different resources available within each of the six biomes, which will force players to journey around in order to find specific items from specific places. Different regions will also have different traders that will determine the value of the trades.

You can see what some of the environments look like in the pre-alpha footage from 2018.

The team also ramped up the amount of enemies, creatures, and monsters that players will encounter throughout the game, which ranges from bears, boars, wolves, and snakes, to zombies, skeletons, ghouls, and mummies. There are also cyclops, trolls, vampires, werewolves, ogres, hydras, demons, golems, chimeras and dragons as well.

Things like player housing and land claims are still a ways off. It was something they wanted to include since the game was on Kickstarter back in the summer of 2018, and they’re slowly working toward finalizing the implementation of that rather daunting feature.

The character customization is also still heavy under development. For now, the only kind of creation tools available for the player-character is for the attributes, but they have plans on further expanding the different types of character creation possibilities, along with armor types, weapon types, and item grades.

The post rounds out by addressing the Unity vs Improbable showdown, noting that everything has been resolved between the two groups and Fractured is still running on the Unity engine using the SpatialOS framework for the multiplayer infrastructure.

Fractured is still a long ways off from release, but it’s always nice to see updates from developers giving some insight and info on the behind-the-scenes inner-working of a highly ambitious project.


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