Galactic Civilizations 3: Retribution Expansion Pack Is Now Available On Steam And Stardock

Galactic Civilizations 3 DLC

Stardock Entertainment announced that the newest expansion for Galactic Civilizations III is now available for purchase over on the Steam store or from the Stardock store for $19.99. As is usual with most new releases, Stardock has a 10% discount on the new expansion pack so that you can grab it for just $17.99 during the first week of release, which accommodates those who may need to save a few dollars, dimes, or cents during these hard times.

The new expansion pack for Galactic Civilizations III adds a handful of new content to the game, including two major game-changing civilizations that have their own back stories and motivations. One is the Drath, attempting to manipulate the diplomatic strings of power to get what they want, while the Korath are all about exterminating anything and everything in their path.

Both civilizations also come with all new special abilities, bonuses, and ship parts that you can unlock and make use of for your own ends.

New supply ships make an appearance in the game, along with an overhauled technology tree that allows you to research and unlock all new tech.

This is all laid on top of the new hypergates, a lore-specific transportation technology based on the ancient Precursors race. This will give players new ways to travel across the galaxy, as well as take part in the Retribution campaign that involves facing off against the Drengin Empire in a fight to the death.

Stardock Entertainment typically receives a lot of blowback from activists posing as game journalists due to the head of Stardock holding Right-leaning views. In today’s gaming climate the political berth has become constringent to just Left-wing viewpoints, and anyone who steps outside of that gets castigated for being an ideological pariah. Stardock is one such pariah, because they refused to kneel at the altar of the Intersectional Inquisition and have maintained their own independence and freedom of thought, both in terms of personal politics and in terms of game design.

So if you were interested in a game free from the Left-wing taint that has duly affected both big and small developers alike, you can check out Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution right now over on the Steam store or Stardock’s official website.

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