Ian Miles Cheong Addresses Police Call Regarding Andy Warski Drama
Ian Miles Cheong

Hybe Break creators Andy Warski and journalist Ian Miles Cheong have had a falling out. Warski has claimed that Cheong stole the YouTube channel Hype Break from him. Cheong has claimed that Warski is unstable. Both are now engaged in a not-so-cold war over interpersonal drama, which has recently escalated.

Readers at One Angry Gamer have been requesting a story about the events, which were recently detailed in a mockumentary from Mister Metokur, which covers the drama up to this point in a video posted on February 1st, 2019.

The video came after Twitter user Enheduanna leaked Instagram direct messages she had with Ian Miles Cheong, involving Cheong talking about calling the police.

The drama escalated to the point where many claimed that Cheong was attempting to get Warski killed by SWATting him. Cheong responded by stating that reporting a crime wasn’t SWATting.

It’s likely that the drama is far from over, especially as people continue to stoke the flames and fish for reactions. We’ll see how this whole thing continues to unfold.


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