LucasFilm’s Kiri Hart Moves Into Consultancy Role After Joining MRC Diversity Initiative
Star Wars Kiri Hart

Former Lucasfilm story group overseer for Star Wars, Kiri Hart, has moved into a new position at Lucasfilm as a consultant. The news comes courtesy of the announcement of the MRC diversity initiative headed up by former head of development at Mad Rabbit, Elsie Choi, who has joined forces with Dan Lin’s production company Rideback.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, MRC and Rideback are teaming up to offer a paid eight-month residency program for a “diverse” group of creators. The news originally broke on February 7th, 2019, indicating that the program is currently taking submissions right now and it will officially begin in May and run through December.

Hart was quoted in the article as saying…

“When Dan first told me about the Incubator, I was so inspired by the spirit of collaboration and inclusion that it represented. I wanted to be a part of it, because it was grounded in values I care about. The Incubator team has come together to discover and nurture emerging creatives from a wide variety of backgrounds, and to encourage them to trust their unique perspectives. We know the audience is hungry to hear from them, and we’re excited to support them through a process that will help them discover and refine the stories they want to tell.”

The article confirms what was previously reported on back on January 31st, 2019, which indicated that Kiri Hart was no longer overseeing the Star Wars story group division after helping co-produce Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

In a short video from Marc John, the director for the upcoming Episode Backlash documentary covering the acrid relationship between Lucasfilm and Star Wars fans, he covers the recent development as well as requests any help in finding the original page data that showed Kiri Hart at the top of the Lucasfilm story group.

The reason for the request is because Hart is no longer featured anywhere on the staff page for the Lucasfilm leadership page. All archives and caches of the previous versions of the page have also been wiped, unfortunately.

John was one of the first to notice that Hart was no longer featured on the leadership page for Lucasfilm, and it’s now confirmed that she is indeed no longer the story group leader, but now just a consultant. So it appears as if we won’t be seeing Hart’s influence quite as much over Star Wars as during the last movie outings. Whether or not this will actually affect if the upcoming movies will still feature a Social Justice Warrior bent is completely up in the air.


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