NCSoft Lays Off Iron Tiger Studio Staff Working On Unannounced Mobile Project

Aion Legions of War

Reports are going around that NCSoft laid off an undisclosed amount of staff from their subsidiary, Iron Tiger Studios. This was revealed via a spokesperson for NCSoft who revealed to Venture Beat , where they said that there would be layoffs but didn’t say how many of the staff had been let go.

According to the article, Iron Tiger Studios will stay in operation and will continue to work as a publisher of mobile games, including Aion: Legions of War. The upcoming project that Iron Tiger Studios had been working on will still be in development, but the article states that there will be another studio stepping in to handle the development.

This comes just four years after NC Soft originally brought in 100 people to work at the Iron Tiger outfit back in 2015, as reported by

The article reported that Iron Tiger was formed to work on original properties for mobile platforms along with two other studios under the NCSoft brand.

Apparently things haven’t been going so great for the mobile development of the game, and NCSoft is cutting down on the expenses to compensate for whatever is going on behind the scenes.

In a way, this kind of verifies that just because you’re in the business of making mobile games it doesn’t mean that your games will be profitable or that development will be easy.

NCSoft is still currently working on a couple of other projects, including the highly anticipated Blade & Soul 2 and the mobile remake of Lineage II called Lineage 2 M, which was just recently announced back in November of 2018.

NCSoft has been keeping their upcoming games close to their chest, so it’s difficult to tell just how much of an issue this will be for their upcoming titles and whether they will be impacted by Iron Tiger losing some of its 100 staff members.

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