Offworld Trading Company Free Multiplayer Client Arrives With Market Corrections DLC On Feb 28th
Offworld Trading Company

Stardock Entertainment and Mohawk Games announced that there’s a free multiplayer client for Offworld Trading Company set to release alongside some new DLC for the game called Market Corrections, starting February 28th.

While various Left-wing oriented companies are trying to veer away from any sort of “touchy” subjects like colonization, Stardock and Mohawk Games seem to realize that fiction is fiction and that it’s okay to use history to fuel storylines in games that aren’t real. This is why Market Corrections is able to cover the story of how Earthlings had to venture outside of their own little blue and green ball and attempt to colonize the red planet, Mars, in order to continue their survival.

Things aren’t so simple, though. Mars used to be a place where only criminals, vagabonds, and the societal refuse would find refuge, and now more civilized denizens will have to come the red planet their home. This, however, creates a contentious situation where it’s up to you, the player, to further colonize Mars and make it a hospitable place for those fleeing Earth and trying to make a newer and better life on the crime-infested planet of Mars.

Offworld Trading Company - Market Corrections

The new DLC will feature three all new campaigns themed around three different CEOs, along with 12 new maps inspired by actual geography located on Mars, and all new challenges and missions to overcome. The DLC will be available for $3.99.

As for the free multiplayer client, this will enable players to check out the action within Offworld Trading Company on February 28th, and if experience is something that you find entertaining and tastefully strategic, you can actually upgrade to the full version of the sci-fi strategy title to gain access to the full campaign mode and single-player stories.

You can learn more about the free multiplayer client and the upcoming Market Corrections DLC update by visiting the Offworld Trading Company Steam store page.


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