Open Discussion: February 10th, 2019

The time has come once again that allows anyone to say anything: the weekly Open Discussion. The series known as the Open Discussion explores a wide range of topics that focuses mainly on video games, but this series is also open to other pressing topics too.

If you enjoy talking about whatever it is that you are about to do or are doing right now, you are more than welcome to insert it in this week’s Open Discussion — of course in the comment section below. Posting whatever is on your mind in an Open Discussion also applies to the ones to come, which stand to be like any other post on this site.

If you, however, wish to derail the conversation and talk about something unrelated to video games — or whatever the topic is at hand — you are free to change the subject without any penalties.

Folks who wish to stay on topic and seek to gab about this week’s theme will find that it centers around the newly dropped game by publisher Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment: Apex Legends.

If you don’t know, Apex Legends is based on the TitanFall intellectual property and is set in the realm of said franchise. The battle royale game boasts 60 players and is free to play across PC and home consoles (which includes PS4 and Xbox One).

In addition to the above, do you enjoy playing the game? Do you find the whole “diverse cast of characters” to be a problem? And finally, are you still playing the game or have you never touched it like yours truly?

Lastly, you don’t have to stay on topic if you don’t want to, which means you can discuss other things going on right now, but if you do have something to say you can sound off in the comment section below.

Today’s soundtrack selection comes from NieR Automata.


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