Pensacon Revokes Geeks And Gamers Press Pass After He Covered Vic Mignogna Controversy

Geeks And Gamers Pensacon

Jeremy from the YouTube channel Geeks + Gamers recently had his Pensacon 2019 press pass revoked after he did a video about how the Pensacon Twitter account had set about threatening con-goers with arrests if they showed up with the express purpose of supporting anime voice actor Vig Mignogna.

Jeremy published an eight minute video on the Geeks + Gamers YouTube channel, showing off the e-mail he received from a Pensacon representative. You can view the video below.

At around the two minute mark the e-mail that Jeremy received from Pensacon is put on display, showcasing why they decided to revoke his pass for this year following the video he posted up about the Pensacon controversy involving Vic Mignogna’s fans back on February 13th, 2019, where the convention threatened to arrest said fans if they showed up to support Mignogna. The e-mail is also dated February 13th, 2019, meaning it was sent almost immediately after Jeremy posted the video to his YouTube channel. It reads…

“I regret to inform you that I will be unable to fulfill your request for media passes this year after all. As you mentioned several times in your video that you don’t actually care, I imagine this will come as no surprise to you nor cause any disappointment. I personally am disappointed in your actions, both in making accusations and assumptions about an organization where you’re not remotely familiar with the duties and structure of each staff member, and that you would attempt to incite others over an article without having done any research at all into the issue at hand first. Had you done so, you might have read that “one woman” is not accusing Vic of “misbehavior”. This is in no way similar to the Chris Hardwick situation, where an ex accused him of a pattern of behavior, and other women in his life actually came forward to defend his character. That’s not the case with Vic; this has been an ongoing issue for years that has just come to light, and because it involves his behavior with con attendees, particularly minors.”

They round out the letter with a smarmy remark about how to pronounce Vic Mignogna and Monica Rial’s names, because they mention that it might be helpful just in case Jeremy plans to talk about them in his “next video”.

This all spawned because Jeremy posted up a video on Geeks + Gamers critical of the way Pensacon handled the situation regarding Vic Mignogna fans willing to show up at the geek convention to show their support for Mignogna. You can check out the original video below that put Jeremy in hot water with the staff at Pensacon.

Now what’s interesting is that Jeremy and Pensacon were finalizing the pass details just days earlier back on February 10th, 2019, where he was prepping to attend the event until they followed up three days later, shortly after he did the video about the Pensacon Twitter incident, letting him know that his press pass was being revoked.

I attempted to reach out to Pensacon to further inquire about the situation but they have not responded as of the writing of this article.