Pumped BMX Pro Launches On PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Pumped BMX Pro

Curve Digital announced that the BMX game from the one-man indie studio, Yeah Us!, has officially launched on Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. Pumped BMX Pro is actually the sequel to the original Pumped BMX, and it centers around freestyle, physics-based momentum racing not unlike Redlynx’s popular Trials series.

You’ll have 15 different riders to choose from, each with their own pre-designed bikes and handling, or you can create your own rider and bike using the bike creation utility. You’ll have access to 40 different tricks and combos to pull off across 60 different levels, with over 200 challenges to complete.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what Pumped BMX Pro‘s gameplay mechanics are like.

The chill-funk soundtrack combined with the easy-flow animations and physics and the bright colors, easy-going visuals, and ragdoll physics makes it look like Yeah Us! Games’ Pumped BMX Pro is aiming to be a throwback to classically made extreme sports titles that were designed to be fun first and foremost, a rarity in today’s gaming market.

Now not everyone is entirely excited about Pumped BMX Pro given that they have complained that the game is just the same as the original Pumped BMX but with the added pro riders. A few people, however, are excited for getting their hands on the new game just because they didn’t play the original, and if you wanted to play it properly on systems that can handle 60fps and use proper controllers, then sure the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions are definitely going to be worth checking out. Plus, with the Switch version you automatically get the benefit of portable gaming, which solves the problem presented with the strict console ports.

You can grab Yeah Us! Games’ Pumped BMX Pro from the Nintendo eShop, the Xbox Store, or on participating digital distribution storefronts for PC.


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