Samurai Shodown Gameplay Trailer Reveals Weapon Disarms, Summer 2019 Release Window
Samurai Shodown

A classic feature from the old Samurai Shodown games was revealed during a new gameplay teaser trailer that was rolled out by SNK recently. The trailer was designed to promote the release of Samurai Shodown this upcoming summer for home consoles and PC, as well as to inform gamers that they’ll be able to play this awesome looking fighting game for the first time, ahead of its release, at PAX East.

That’s right, there will be playable demos made available for Samurai Shodown at PAX East, which is set to take place in Boston, Massachusetts between March 28th, 2019 and March 31st, 2019.

They don’t say how much of the gameplay will be playable, but you’ll be able to check out some of the combos, some of the bloody counters, and even the return of classic features such as forcing disarmament of your opponent, as depicted in the trailer below.

I really have to say that the combat looks smooth as butter and it appears to retain the sort of quick-pace and back and forth fighting that was present in Samurai Shodown 3, which still goes down as my favorite just because they had perfected the speed so that the characters had amazing responsive controls and it was possible to have really technical matches.

You can tell that the artists and the animators really worked hard, hand-in-hand to craft the upcoming Samurai Shodown into a game that properly mirrored the gameplay from the first four games on the Neo Geo before that abomination Samurai Shodown 5 was released.

So far a lot of the combat, the aesthetic qualities, and gameplay are all part and parcel of what made the series so amazing back in the 1990s. It’s just now the characters and backgrounds are in 3D and they have a unique enough shader filter with a bit of that traditional Japanese ink wash to the design so that it really highlights and brings out the dynamic cartoon, over-the-top aspect of the series, which it was always known for.

You can look for the game to drop this summer via a global release. Hopefully SNK delivers because it looks like it could be the sleeper hit within the fighting game genre this year.


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