Steel Rats Cheats Sport God Mode, Infinite Junk, Unlimited Energy
STeel Rats Cheats

Tate Multimedia’s Steel Rats came out at the end of 2018 for home consoles and PC. The game is a unique blend of beat-’em-up combat, dieselpunk imagery, and skill-based vehicular platforming. For gamers in desperate need of cheats to breeze through the baddies, avoid dying a fiery death, or whizzing past the bosses, there are a few trainers available.

The first trainer can be downloaded from over on

The trainer sports the following options:

  • +100 Score
  • Reset score to 0
  • +500 Score
  • Low energy
  • Infinite energy
  • Low health
  • Infinite junk
  • Unlock Upgrades/Skins/Levels
  • Godmode

Some of the cheats aren’t really cheats but rather modes to raise the difficulty of the game, specifically the reset score to 0, and the low energy and low health options. If you want a hardcore gaming experience, then you activate those options to really test your wits and push your mettle.

There’s a second trainer available from over on

The second trainer features five cheats, but avoids any of the hardcore cheats. It sports the following options:

  • Unlimited Health Meter
  • Easy Avoid Damage
  • Unlimited Energy Meter
  • Set Super Score
  • Set Junk Currency

So basically, you get the same cheats as the one from MegaDev but with the added easy avoid damage option, so it’s not quite as deliberate as the god mode, but helps out when you’re in a bind.

The game itself features four playable characters from a biker gang fighting against an invasion of junk robots terrorizing the town. They’ll use their motorcycles to ride through the highways, the outskirts, and the city streets to take down the mechanical foes, defeat the bosses and free the town from the robot invaders. You can grab a copy of the game for Xbox One, PS4 or on Steam or GOG for PC.


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