Trident’s Wake, 4-Player Co-op Mech Shooter Enters Early Access On Steam
Trident's Wake

Publisher Graffiti Games and Argentinian studio Bacus Studios have announced that Trident’s Wake has entered into Early Access on Steam.

The game is a isometric, four-player cooperative shooter game that captures some of the charm of Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers, but attempts to create its own identity by putting players within the realm of a dark, brooding, sci-fi universe where mechanized chassis go head-to-head against an unrelenting alien menace.

Players will assume the role of an ECHO, which is a human consciousness implemented into a robotic chassis known as a Sentinel. The job of the Sentinels is to take back one of the last human colonies in space called Trident, which has become overrun with aliens.

Your objective is to save the human embryos aboard the ship and wipe out anything that stands in your way. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The music in the trailer reminds me of Frozen Synapse, which had an awesome soundtrack. However, the gameplay itself is very similar to the classic Sigma Team series, Alien Shooter.

Up to four players will have to utilize their Sentinels to traverse the colony ship, taking down hordes of enemies who will flood you from all sides. Don’t worry, though, the Sentinels are armed with plenty of high-tech weaponry ranging from sub-machine guns to laser rifles to flamethrowers. You can also acquire upgrades for the weapons and the Sentinels alike.

As you can see in the trailer, different Sentinels have different designs and stats to help give you an edge during combat. This ranges from a small and nimble chassis to a large and hulking chassis, and plenty of other options in between.

Trident's Wave - Mech Customization

You basically get to equip up to two different weapons onto the mech along with modifying their color, utilities, and stats.

While the game may have a set series of levels, they are procedurally generated based on specific floor layouts, so as to give gamers a little something different to play each time around.

You can also play Trident’s Wake with up to three other friends in the local cooperative mode or online with other players from around the world.

The Early Access rendition of is scheduled to run up through April of 2019. So Bacus Studios would like to release the game in full before spring is out.

You can learn more about Trident’s Wake, or pick up an Early Access copy of the game by visiting the Steam store page.


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