EA Investigating Anthem Bricking PS4 Consoles

Anthem Bricking PS4

After several days of complaints and various highly-upvoted threads across Reddit, Electronic Arts has finally acknowledged the PS4 console bricking issue that gamers have raised.

GamesIndustry.biz spotted the update from Electronic Arts, which was made over on their EA Help Twitter account on March 4th, 2019.

They acknowledged they were aware of the issue and were gathering feedback from gamers who have had their PS4 crash in result of playing Anthem.

At the time of writing this article there’s about 113 pages with 10 entries per page over on the EA technical support forum. That gives you a small idea of what the scale is of the problem over the course of 19 hours.

Initially there were threads made over on the Anthem sub-reddit where people began to complain about the PS4 shutting down and not starting back up, but the threads were downvoted because some fanboys thought that they were just trying to derail the launch hype for the game.

However, each day after the launch of the game, more threads popped up outlining how the game was causing the PS4 to brick.

Things kept escalating until finally there was a public service announcement made on the Anthem sub-reddit, warning gamers not to play the game on PS4 or two beware of playing the game on the PS4.

A day later that’s when Electronic Arts finally made the post stating that they would be investigating the claims about the game bricking the system. Sony, meanwhile, began offering refunds for the digital version of Anthem. So far there haven’t been any widespread reports about the game bricking PC and Xbox One units.

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