Epic Games Store Roadmap Reveals Users Reviews, Wishlists, But No Third-Party Key Support For Exclusives
Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store has a roadmap that was rolled out to give potential customers and onlookers an idea of what the store currently features and what will be added over the course of the year.

DSO Gaming linked to the Trello page that features the roadmap for the next six months. This includes recently added features such as the store search, free game notification, code redemption improvements, offline mode, pre-loading, and regional pricing.

Over the course of the next three months the ability to search the store via genre and tag will be implemented, along with improved offline mode, store video hosting, and improved DLC support for multiple store keeping units.

Over the course of the next four to six months, they will finally implement user reviews. However, the user reviews will be available only at the discretion of the developer, so if the developer makes a highly political game that enrages a certain demographic of gamers, they can disable reviews so no one can find out why people are so angry.

In addition to the user reviews, wishlists will be added along with price adjusting for bundles, additional payment methods for multiple regions, along with additional currencies.

Beyond the six month rang they have plans on adding achievements, a shopping cart, direct carrier billing, and a social interaction overhaul. The longer term features with no release window include automated refunds, releases in Korea, gifting, an Android store, and an Arabic store translation.

While there are a lot of features coming down the pipeline, the one feature you shouldn’t expect to see is third-party key sale support for exclusives. One user asked Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney if third-party key reseller support would become a thing, where third-party outlets could sell keys to Epic Games Store products. Sweeney responded by saying that it’s possible for non-exclusives.

This means that games that are available from other outlets or not part of Epic Games Store’s timed exclusivity deals could be sold through third-party key resellers. But don’t expect games part of Epic Games’ exclusivity deal, such as Phoenix Point or Metro: Exodus, showing up on legitimate third-party resellers anytime soon.

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