Evil Dead’s Ash Williams Joining Survivors In Dead By Daylight

Looking to kick a little Deadite ass? Feeling groovy? Then you’ll be happy to learn that Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series is revving up his chainsaw, loading his boomstick and getting ready to go toe to toe with some primitive screwheads in Dead by Daylight this April.

According to a press release from Behaviour Studios, Ash Williams is primed and ready to take on Dead by Daylight’s cast of crazy killers. He’ll land in the game as a new playable survivor on April 2, complete with a trio of unique perks. The Ash Williams DLC will launch across the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the same day.

To make the announcement official, Bruce Campbell himself made the introductions in a brief trailer showing off a tiny bit of his portrayal of Ash Williams in Dead by Daylight gameplay. You only get to watch him run and tinker with a generator so, for now, that’ll have to tide you over.

Ash will offer three survivor perks when he drops into the fray on April 2, including Flip-Flop, Buckle Up and Mettle of Man. It stands to reason those will be accompanied by some famous lines from the TV series, Ash vs. Evil Dead, as that’s the version of Ash that will be making his way into Dead by Daylight.

While Dead by Daylight has its own cast of villainous monsters, it’s also home to horror icons like Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and even The Pig from the Saw films. So, yes, having Ash go up against those famous fiends will be a fun bit of fan fiction unfolding with each round of the game.

But now that we’ve got famous survivors joining the game’s cast, who else would make a solid addition to the game? Feel free to share your wish list in the comments below.

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