Friday The 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition Set To Slay On The Switch

Jason Voorhees is sharpening his machete and getting ready to terrorize a whole new crop of camp councilors as Gun Media announces the impending launch of Friday the 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition for the Nintendo Switch.

The asymmetrical survival game has been delighting horror fans on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for a couple of years now and, in the near future, all of those bloody antics will seep onto Nintendo’s handheld/home console hybrid.

This news comes to us from Variety, who had an exclusive interview with Gun Media’s Director of Communications, Daniel Nixon. According to the original interview, Gun Media has partnered with the teams at Black Tower and Nighthawk to bring Jason to the Switch, which should be the same experience players can currently slice their way through on other platforms. What makes this the “Ultimate Slasher Edition” is the inclusion of all clothing and costume packs, all Kill Packs and the game’s emote pack. That means anyone who grabs this version of the game will get everything except for the Kickstarter exclusive items.

Over on the official website, Gun Media’s latest news update is for the Collector’s Edition of this version of the game, which includes a replica Jason mask, game poster and the additional DLC included in the regular version of the Ultimate Slasher Edition. This version of the game, though, launched for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last fall.

It seems like the Switch simply isn’t getting this beefed up version of the game, which was sold at the time for $69.99. Assuming the pricing of the standard Ultimate Slasher Edition remains the same as on other platforms, you can expect to play as Jason or a hapless camp counselor on the Nintendo Switch for $39.99. The launch window at the moment is simply “Spring 2019,” so it sounds like we won’t have to wait too much longer to get the blood flowing.