Hellboy’s Second Trailer Features Monsters, Dismemberment, Gore And Dragons
Hellboy Second Trailer

The second trailer for LionsGate’s Hellboy has released and it tries to iron out the plot and give viewers a heck of a lot of action to sink their teeth into. This includes tons of action clips, a little bloody romance, and a lot more gore than you might have been expecting.

A lot of fans are still not over the fact that they wanted a proper conclusion to Guillermo del Toro and the Left-wing actor Ron Perlman’s Hellboy series, but that’s never going to happen. Lionsgate and Millennium Films are trying their hand at trying to bring the comic book character back to life in the reboot, and it appears to do some things better than the original, but also seems to fall flat in other areas, based on the trailers so far.

The plot is finally rolled out in the second trailer, however, as we find out that Milla Jovovich is a sorceress attempting to rule the Earth plane and she wants Hellboy to do it at her side. You can check out the red band trailer below.

I have no idea how the plot unfolds based on the clips in the trailer, but I’m guessing the prophetic destruction of London at the hands of foreign invaders is near the end of the flick.

There’s also a nice little head-nod to the anime Blood-C, as we see one of the demons going around slicing people into pieces and impaling them with its limbs.

That’s not the only monster on display. We also get to see a giant bat man spreading its wings at what appears to be a sporting event.

Hellboy - Bat Man

We don’t get to see what it does or why, but I’m curious if the encounter will be as violent as the others?

One thing I didn’t expect was that the fight sequences attempt to retain some semblance of real-world physics. For instance, Hellboy gets his hands on a giant sword and swings it around, allowing him to sever the limbs of two giants. Usually we see the characters doing something goofy like dropping an object on the giant’s head or punching them in the face, but here we see Hellboy using common sense and just cutting them down… literally.

We also see that he gets to ride on a dragon and burn through what looks like the minions of hell.

Hellboy - London Bridge

The action sequences actually look pretty cool, but I’m really worried about how this will all cohesively tie-in with the rest of the plot? It just looks like there’s a TON of monsters and battles but I worry that it may be difficult fitting all of this into the runtime in a sensible way, but we’ll find out how they’ll fit it all together when it hits theaters on April 12th.


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