Judgment’s PS4 Pre-Orders Enable Early Access On June 21st
Judge Eyes

Ryu ga Gotoku Studio and Atlus announced that Judge Eyes, known as Judgment for the Western release, will launch on June 25th, 2019 this summer. For gamers who pre-order the detective thriller, they’ll be given early access to the game starting June 21st, four days before the game fully releases on retail shelves and digital distribution outlets.

Pre-orders have currently gone live on March 7th, from today onward. The physical rendition of the game will come with the full version of Judgment, along with a Ryu ga Gotoku Studio sticker, a static theme of the game’s protagonist for the PS4, and the early access as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The game itself is a little bit of a mix between a detective noir and Yakuza. The latter shouldn’t be surprising since it’s the same studio behind both games. As players investigate the crimes as detective Takayuki Yagami, played by actor Takuya Kimura, they will also have to engage in fisticuffs with unsavory individuals throughout Kamurocho, Japan.

Players will have to solve a series of murders that connects back to Yagami’s past. The murders appear to see the victims with their eyes plucked out.

Yagami attempts to track down the killer and find out what’s been going on.

We don’t get many games like this, and it’s nice that Ryu ga Gotoku actually focuses on these kind of games because companies like BioWare, Treyarch, and DICE are busy trying to court phantom audiences.

Judgment will require players to engage in a variety of activities and mini-games associated with the investigation, including using stealth to tail suspects, engage in chase sequences and quicktime events, as well as the aforementioned beat-’em-up fight sequences, which is a system borrowed straight from Yakuza.

You can look for the game to drop this summer on the PS4. It’s a shame it isn’t coming to PC, because it would be a great way to not have to support Sony and their censorship policies.


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