New Overwatch Medic, Baptiste, Deploys Next Week

Overwatch’s 30th hero is ready to join the fray, with combat medic Baptiste being given an official platform-wide launch date of March 19.

Baptiste is currently available on test servers for the PC crowd but, come next Tuesday, everyone on that platform, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will able to add him to their roster as an official playable character. Word went out Wednesday via the official Overwatch Twitter feed, which humorously asked if everyone had signed their life insurance policy.

If you haven’t given Jean-Baptiste Augustin a shot on the test servers, you can actually get a good feel for the type of character he’ll be by heading on over to his official profile. They’ve got him listed as a three-star difficulty support character with a nice balance of abilities focused on both keeping teammates alive and doing the exact opposite to your opponents.

Baptiste’s main weapon is a Biotic Launcher, which shoots three-round bursts to hurt your foes or lobs a healing grenade at your allies. His first ability is Regenerative Burst which, as the name implies, heals himself and nearby teammates over time.

A slightly more original ability, Baptiste can also deploy an Immortality Field. This timed device creates an area where teammates literally can’t be killed, but your enemies can destroy it if you don’t get clever with placement.

Another cool ability is the Amplification Matrix, which is a big wall you can actually shoot through. And you’ll absolutely want to do that, as the field will double the damage of projectiles that pass through it as well as heal teammates for twice as much.

Finally, Baptiste has a pair of Exo Boots, which allow him to jump extra high if he crouches first. Roll all of that together and Blizzard seems to have created a top-shelf support character that offers some unique spins on familiar abilities.


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