RICO, John Woo-Style Co-op FPS Launches March 12th For PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Starting March 12th the cooperative cinematic first-person shooter, RICO, will be available for the PlayStation 4. The game will be available a day later on March 13th for the Xbox One, and it will finalize its scattered release on March 14th for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Rising Star Games and Ground Shatter have been working on the title, almost entirely in secrecy leading up to its release on home consoles and PC. It was announced originally back in March of 2018 for the gaming platforms, but not much else was known about the game until now.

The co-op shooter is set within an urban playground of chaos and crime, where players will have to team up with a friend as loose-cannon police officers embracing their inner lethal enforcer in order to take down the bad guys and restore peace and safety to the city.

You can check out the actual gameplay for RICO to see what the gameplay is like for the title with the launch trailer below.

The gameplay looks like a cross between XIII and Black, with a tall order of John Woo-tossed in. No complaints here.

It’s tough to tell what the quality of the gameplay will be like, but it looks solid. The ability to break apart objects and kick down doors is a neat mechanic that’s severely underutilized in most shooter games.

The one thing that stands out with the trailer, though, is that almost all of the villains are white, but the heroes are a black guy and a black lady. This kind of reeks of typical anti-white design philosophy we’ve seen in games recently.


It’s a shame, too, because the concept seems like something that would be right up the alley of any and everyone who simply wants a fun first-person shooter to play either in offline split-screen co-op or online co-op. Hopefully it was just the trailer that was depicted that way, but it would be a shame if this was one of those games that feeds into the current anti-white narrative being paraded around in media these days.

Anyway, the randomly generated cases, operations, and environments, also allow for nearly infinite amounts of replayability, along with unlockable weapons, traits, and new equipment.

James Parker, the director at Ground Shatter, basically pointed out that this isn’t trying to be a cinematic drama, but rather an action-cinema experience akin to the old-school of gaming where gamers played games to have fun, saying in the press release…

“Games can change people’s lives, inform us about the human condition, and tell epic stories of love, life, and loss… RICO doesn’t do any of those things, it’s a game about kicking doors open and shooting bad guys, often in glorious slow motion.”


This is definitely a game that seems like it might be worth picking up on the Nintendo Switch if you’ve been in desperate need of a cool co-op shooter on the system.

Heck, there aren’t too many co-op shooters on PS4 and Xbox One either. You can look for the game to start rolling out next week on March 12th for the PS4, followed by the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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