Siege Of Centauri Is A New Tower Defense Game Set Within The Ashes Of The Singularity Universe
Siege of Centauri

Stardock Entertainment announced that they have a brand new game on the way called Siege of Centauri. It’s a strategic tower defense game based on the established Ashes of the Singularity universe, which was a 2016 RTS that was built on the proprietary Nitrous technology developed by Oxide Games.

The Vulkan-compatible, high-end strategy game courted gamers to upgrade their rigs and benchmark like they were in a bench-pressing contest in high-school. Stardock is carrying over the large-scale gameplay scope and stylings of Ashes of the Singularity for a tower defense game.

This has led Stardock to Siege of Centauri, which is set on the colony of Proxima Centauri. The game centers around Earth having lost all communication with the colony so they send out the Carpathia to investigate.

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Upon arrival, however, the Carpathia discovers that the colonies are under siege by a menacing, seemingly unending wave of alien invaders, hence the name Siege of Centauri.

The on the nose appellation ties into the actual gameplay, which requires players to build up defensive structures and all sorts of high-powered space age technology to defend the colony against the determined and deadly siege from the aliens.

According to the general manager at Stardock Entertainment, Derek Paxton, the game will be leveraging the Nitrous Engine from Ashes of the Singularity, mentioning in the press release…

“With our engine, there were so many new gameplay elements we could add. For instance, our engine supports hundreds of simultaneous light sources allowing us to design interesting choices for players when it comes to map vision. Similarly, by supporting so many units, we can make defense choices in different situations much more compelling as there is a big difference between choosing a weapon that eliminates one unit at a time versus one that is designed to take out hundreds at a time.”

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Unfortunately we don’t get to see the game in action just yet, nor do we get a look at how the tower defense mechanics are handled. But it won’t be long before some gameplay trailers drop.

Siege of Centauri will be heading into Early Access soon, but you can keep track of the development leading up to the Early Access run by visiting the official website.


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