Spy DNA Update Outlines Spotting And Sensing Enemies, Enhanced Visual Aesthetics


Shy Snake Games updated the general gaming community about the progress being made on Spy DNA, the tactical, isometric, real-time strategy game that’s sort of like a tactical mix between Jagged Alliance 2 and Fallout 3.

The update was made available via a blog post over on the Shy Snake website, covering visibility, AI behavior, senses, and spotting.

Characters are able to spot other characters based on three archetypes of sense. This includes visual perception, auricular detection, and smell. Depending on the attributes for each of those senses will determine whether or not they will be able to detect another character.

Those factors are also either enhanced or inhibited depending on the gear that the character is wearing or the equipment that an enemy is decked out with. For instance, if a character is moving across the battlefield you would likely be able to spot them if they moved in front of a playable character’s eye-line. However, if a character is wearing a camouflage jumpsuit or gear, it could mask their visibility if they blend in with the environment, so using additional detection methods might be required to “spot” an enemy moving in a low-lit area where visual visibility puts the player-character at a disadvantage. Hence, heightened olfactories or auricular senses would help compensate.

They also discuss some of the new visualizations added to the game, including upping the aesthetic appeal of Spy DNA by “rounding” off the corners and adding a more sci-fi tint to the overall design of the windows, furniture, doors, and materials.

They actually give a look at some of the new fabrications via a screenshot gallery that you can check out over on the Shy Snake website.

Additionally, you can download a demo of Spy DNA to test out the espionage spy game for yourself by grabbing a free version from the Google Drive folder.