Down After Owners Were Allegedly Doxed, Threatened
Stream Me Doxed

The popular streaming website,, which was host to Ethan Ralph’s Killstream after the Wall Street Journal got the channel pulled down off of YouTube (via Dexerto), has reportedly shut down after the owners were allegedly doxed and threatened.

So far one of the only sites reporting on being down is, who quoted Ethan Ralph about why the site was down after there were no further updates from the website. The last post from the Twitter account for was a post on March 3rd, 2019 advertising the widget.

A bunch of users are asking why the site is down but no one from the company has responded. There was, however, a video about the shut down over on YouTube outlet Tea Clips, which hosted the Killstream for the time being.

Ralph, in the video, explained…

“What is going on is, there’s a board on 8chan — they doxxed the owners of Stream.Me. They doxxed their family, there were calls made to the owners saying ‘we know where your kids go to school, we know where they live’ — and they decided to pull the plug on the entire site.


“[Stream.Me owners] have a lot of other business interests. I would call it a vanity project. And it’s run at a loss. So I certainly understand them just saying ‘fuck this, it’s more problems than it’s worth.”

Right now there are no responses from as far as questions or inquiries are concerned. If you check the website, it shows that has been down for the past five days.

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The site was popular with a lot of people who enjoyed the more loose rules concerning content streaming compared to and YouTube, both of which are a lot more strict when it comes to what kind of content you can feature on the sites and what sort of topics you can discuss.

Doxing and threatening people who run websites that allow for ideological freedom that doesn’t adhere to the Left-wing orthodoxy is quite commonplace these days. For instance, a former employee was doxed by ResetEra because of a tweet he made that they felt was transphobic. Zoe Quinn’s Crash Override Network also doxed people they believed to be #GamerGate supporters in order to get them fired from their jobs. GOP Senators were also doxed by a former staffer of the Democratic National Commnittee by the Washington Examiner. And more than 30 Conservative students were doxed by members of Antifa, just for being Conservative, as reported by PJMedia.

Unfortunately, this means that anytime someone attempts to create a platform that isn’t operated by Left-wing zealots they run the risk of being doxed, threatened, DDoS’d or shut down, which is what allegedly happened to

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