Ready Or Not, Tactical FPS Gameplay Trailer To Be Unveiled March 7th

Void Interactive memes a lot and looks to push boundaries content wise, and it seems like the team will do the same in the FPS sphere with Ready or Not. That’s right, the dark and gritty PC game that hearkens back to the classic SWAT games will gain a new gameplay trailer on March 7th, 2019.

When Ready or Not reveal trailer released two years ago it offered gamers a nice look into a collection of other short scenarios involving perps tied up, hostages rescued, and human trafficking survivors freed.

Moreover, the older trailer offered a plethora of weapons on display and tactical maneuvers that look like they’re still in the game to this day. However, a confirmation will be made on March 7th — two days away as of this writing — supposedly showing what the much anticipated FPS game in the works has in store for gamers and a fans alike.

Additionally, the Unreal Engine 4 powered PC game has another tweet by Void Interactive that confirms the forthcoming trailer is all about gameplay, and I got to say I’m genuinely excited to see this in action.

And when you can’t get enough of the gameplay trailer on March 7th, stay tuned after the reveal to hear a podcast focused on all things Ready or Not. Also, on the same day, you can head on over to Black Site’s discord to see if your question(s) might be answered:

As of now, Ready or Not official website shows off outfit customization, weapon load-outs, strategic stage entries/options, and non-lethal weapons for those feeling a bit passive.

With all of that said, instead of reading what I have to say about Ready or Not, you can check out the original reveal trailer right here to see if March 7th is worth marking your calendar:

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