The Cycle, Co-op Sci-Fi Shooter Is Another Epic Games Store Exclusive
The Cycle

We haven’t heard much from Yager these days, until now. After the studio rolled out Dreadnought with Six Foot and Grey Box, they kind of withered away beneath the pale like a dying rose in a diseased garden of weeds. However, they’re back and they’re aiming to produce something unique and new for PC gamers. The only problem is that their new project is a timed exclusive at the Epic Games Store.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered title was unveiled during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. The game centers around three Prospectors, and it’s described as a “competitive quest shooter”.

A two minute long trailer was rolled out to give gamers a glimpse at what’s to come. You can check it out below.

We see that a dude with a fancy rifle drops down into the play field, and proceeds to kill a lot of stuff. It looks like a typical first-person shooter.

A second dude is unveiled with a big LMG who proceeds to unload on the enemies. His gun looks cool, by the way.

A third character, a black chick (of course), is the long-range sniper, who zaps enemies at a distance.

The gameplay looks solid and it runs at a buttery smooth 60fps, obviously since it’s not on the home consoles.

The big drawback, however, is that the game is exclusive to the Epic Games Store. This obviously didn’t go down well with a lot of gamers in the YouTube comment section, who basically told Yager that it was a death knell for their title.

Even still, the call of exclusivity was too much for Yager to pass up, likely with a $1 million exclusivity bonus that Epic is likely going to write off on their taxes.

Anyway, the game is currently undergoing alpha testing, and there’s a new test set to take place between March 28th and March 31st. Following the alpha tests there will be a closed beta test, but the dates for the CBT have not been revealed yet. You can sign up for the alpha test or register for the newsletter over on the official website.

Plenty of gamers think the game looks cool but they aren’t convinced enough to sign-up for an account to use the Epic Games Store client, mostly due to fears about privacy invasion and the looming presence of Tencent.


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