The Deepest House 3D Co-op Roguelite Enters Early Access March 18th
The Deepest House

Mr. Thee, a former Nvidia engineer, has decided to enter into the indie game development arena with The Deepest House, a roguelite 3D shooting game that will enter into Early Access on March 18th on Steam.

The Deepest House is an isometric action title that will launch into Early Access with the Arcade Mode, the Target Attack Mode, Challenge Rooms, and a Horde Mode.

The Arcade Mode is a single-player mode where you play through four procedurally generated dungeons, and attempt to strategically overcome the challenges set before you in each room while unlocking new gear, accessing new items and picking up treasure along the way.

The Target Attack mode is about battling through pre-configured targets using pre-determined weapon loadout.

The Challenge Rooms give you specific scenarios to complete using armed and unarmed combat within a set time limit. You can check out the trailer below to see The Deepest House in action.

In addition to the three single-player modes there’s a four-player Horde Mode that sees multiple players fighting against wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies. In between each round you can acquire new gear or revive your buddies.

You’ll have access to both a melee and a ranged weapon, as well as three armor slots for your head, neck and clock, and five inventory slots for potions and bombs.

You can dodge, roll, and evade attacks, as well as utilize skills to reflect projectiles. Gameplay wise it looks like a typical roguelike based on the Gauntlet-style design mechanism, moving through rooms within a dungeon and killing enemies while avoiding certain death. Whether or not it’s worth investing in will depend on how the game evolves through Early Access and what sort of modes and new content are implemented.

If you’re interested in the game you can check out the Steam store page or look for it to launch on March 18th.


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