The Division 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
The Division 2 Walkthrough

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC is the next entry in the semi-apocalyptic third-person action-RPG series. This time instead of taking place in downtown Manhattan in New York, the action is set in Washington D.C. There are gameplay walkthrough guides available for those looking to get a little help in setting up their character and traversing through the occupied capital.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a walkthrough guide for the title, covering the character creation, the missions, and the multiplayer. You can check it out below.

The character creation features the ability to change your head, your head shape, your skin color, eye color, hair-style, hair color, and facial hair.

You can also modify the markings on your face, under your eyes, your neck, your arm, and/or your leg.

Clothing attire can be modified for your head, your eyes, your chest, your legs, and your feet.

The Division 2 Character Creation

Once you get done creating your character your character will exit the house and you’ll have to make your way through a commune behind Agent Sanders.

You’ll have the basic controls just like the first Division. Use the left trigger to aim and the right trigger to fire. You can vault and also use the same button to take cover. Use the digital pad to cycle through your weapons and items.

After a cinematic where the commune is destroyed, the player-character receives a distress signal from Washington D.C. They answer the call and head to the capital to help restore peace.

Your first main mission is to trek through the ruins of a compound to the White House front lawn.

There are two thugs you have to kill before encountering three more Hyenas.

The Division 2 - Agent Sanders

The combat during this segment is straightforward as it’s all part of a typical tutorial mission.

Cut through the enemy Hyenas and make your way inside the base of operations where there’s a surprisingly disproportionate amount of brown-skinned females working as soldiers.

Inside, you’ll meet the non-white Mexican, Manny Ortega.

The silent protagonist will level up once completing the basic tutorial mission.

You can upgrade your skills or modify your gear inside the player menu.

You can also visit Coop, the Quartermaster, to upgrade your gear and unlock perks. You may want to unlock the weapon slot perk first so that you can get an extra weapon carrying slot.

Your first main mission is to make your way to the Theater just down the street so you can find Odessa Sawyer.

Head down the street, kill some of the Hyenas, and you’ll find a few more enemies at a rallying square. As depicted in the waklthrough above, if you’re not very efficient in the fire fights, you can actually make use of the drone you can get from Coop to help you out during battle.

Kill the remaining Hyenas and you’ll find an echo you can replay featuring Manny Ortega. Once you get done listening to the recording, you’ll find the theater settlement just down the street.

The Division 2 - Odessa

The angry black woman with the missing leg will give you a mission to rescue her daughter Eleanor, who is being held captive in the Washington Hotel.

As is typical with Ubisoft games, your NPC backup is composed of black and middle-Eastern women. This game is woke as crap.

Anyway, traverse down the street and take out the three Hyenas outside of the hotel. Head through the garage and down the steps into the kitchen. Take out the enemy AI and head into the atrium.

There’s an enemy on a turret you’ll need to take out, along with a few grunts.

The AI is pretty basic here. Just point and shoot until they’re all dead and then proceed up the steps and make your way to the roof.

You’ll need to make a detour through the dining hall. A couple of enemies will try to make life difficult for you due to their flanking from the balcony but if you have a mid-ranged weapon you should be able to take them out pretty quickly.

Head through the hall and into the elevator. There are enemies with heavy firepower suppressing the open-air walkway so you’ll have to cross with caution and to head the upper levels by taking the elevator.

Continue to follow the pathway through the hallway outside of the rooms, through the maintenance access and then outside to the roof area.

You’ll need to take down Saint and the other enemies. Agent Kelso will offer some assistance.

Take down the enemies in and around the gazebo first before targeting Saint.

Once Saint and the henchmen are killed – and obviously they’re white – you’ll find Eleanor locked inside of a room at the back of the roof.

Head back downstairs to the atrium and use the turret to kill the enemy NPCs and blast open the barricaded doors.

Exit the hotel and make your way back to the theater to complete the mission by talking to Odessa Sawyer.

The Division 2 - Agent Kelso

You can pick up the mission “Find the agent’s notes”, which will see you trekking 0.2km through the city into a heavily guarded area by Hyenas. You will need to upgrade your equipment to take them down since they will have heavy armor and slightly higher grade weapons. You’ll find the agent’s notes inside of a safe house through a back alley.

Once you get done with that you’ll need to head to the Odea office, which is in the area.

There are a few Hyenas you’ll need to dispatch and then make your way up the ladder and into the Odea office building.

Some moderately armored Hyenas inside the office area.

Clear them out and follow the navpoint to the outside and then make your way around the outdoor area to get back inside to the office by leaping over the low barricade where the stairs are and then heading into the office and going to the upper levels.

You’ll need to rescue the Odea CEO, who is captured by the Hyenas, and then take out the remaining Hyena leaders.

You won’t find the battery pack that you originally went to the Odea offices to retrieve, but the mission will end once you rescue the CEO.

The next mission is to secure the apartment complex for Odessa’s theater. You’ll have to take out all of the enemies in the courtyard, the west wing and the east wing before completing the mission and unlocking water supplies for the theater.

The next main mission is to reactive the ISAC node at the Jefferson Trade Center.

This is southeast of the White House, and designed for players level 4 – 6.

Head into the Jefferson Trade Center and take the escalator down into the vestibule and out into the courtyard.

Take out the armored Hyenas and proceed through the enclosures and take out all of the Hyenas.

Once you get done chasing down and eliminating the Hyenas, proceed through the parking garage, past the maintenance corridors, and down into the ISAC console that will allow you to reactivate the node.

The mission is really straightforward, and so long as you’re the proper level with some halfway decent equipment, you should be able to run and gun through the mission.

In the second half of the mission the difficulty will ramp up, especially as you’ll have to face off against fully armored Hyenas who will take a heck of a lot of damage before going down.

If you aren’t teamed up with other players, your best bet is to keep your distance and just keep peppering them and using your grenades until you finally crack their armor. It will take a while but you should see a white shield icon that breaks, which indicates that their armor is cracked and you can then damage them right proper.

On your way out, you’ll encounter some Coyote forces who kill the missing Division agent.

Clear out the hall and then make your way outside.

If you don’t feel as if your weapons are doing proper damage, don’t hesitate to take one of the enemy weapons, which will likely be on par to the armor they have. So you can use their own guns against them to do some moderate damage if the weapons you have equipped aren’t doing enough.

Once the mission is complete meet up with the Division coordinator at the White House.

Completing the ISAC mission will allow the White House base to get upgraded.

Once the short cinematic gets done, it will open up a ton of other main missions for you to complete throughout the area.

The closest mission to the White House base of operations is the SHD tech cache recovery at the Empire Hotel.

Infiltrate the hotel, make your way through the hallways, down through the elevator shaft, and take out the Hyenas in the foyer.

It’s a pretty simple mission at first… or at least, getting to the cache.

The difficulty does ramp up a bit after you recover the cache and a bunch of enemies storm the room. They’re heavily armored, so make sure you either have weapons that can easily dispatch their armor or AOE explosives to help whittle down the more heavily armored foes.

If you can survive the assault the mission will end.


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