Triple Threat Trailer Featuring Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa, Tiger Chen And Scott Adkins Looks Like A True Movie For Men

Triple Threat Movie

While nearly every major Left-wing media website out there is constantly going on and on and on about “toxic masculinity” and how evil testosterone is, and how men need to start guzzling down soy and becoming cuckolds, all while promoting effeminate PG-13 trash and girly-boy movies for men whose balls haven’t dropped yet, there is a savior willing to rescue 2019 from the Feminazis and their beta-orbiting minions. His name is Jesse V. Johnson and his movie is called Triple Threat.

This high-octane, explosive, fisticuff-rearing film is being hailed by true fans of the action genre as a “mini Expendables”. It features an all-star cast of amazing martial artists, including the incomparable Iko Uwais, the veterans Tony Jaa and Michael Jai White, the acrobatic Scott Adkins, and the technically proficient Tiger Chen. We also see that true real life warrior and former UFC champion, Michael Besping, is also in the flick, adding some additional credibility to the movie’s fight sequences.

But it’s not just about the punches and kicks. The film mixes in top notch martial arts choreography with explosive gun fights and shoot-outs, too. You can check out the latest trailer for the film ahead of its March 29th, 2019 release, courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

Unlike the previous trailer where it was almost impossible to figure out what was going on, we have a slightly more coherent scope of what some of the characters are doing. Tiger Chen, Tony Jaa, and Iko Uwais are washed up mercenaries, squabbling amongst themselves over past transgressions, but they soon have to put that aside to work together to stop a group of elite mercenaries led by Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins who are intent on killing a high profile target.

Triple Threat

What we end up with is a collection of some top notch action sequences, unparalleled kung-fu choreography, and a nice nod to modern military tech.

The film was originally announced way back in 2017, where we were teased with some clips and sequences but it wasn’t primed and ready to release in America at the time.

Whether or not the whole movie will come together in a cohesive way is completely up in the air, but based on the trailers far it looks like a cool flick worth watching if you need to keep that testosterone meter filled and you’re in desperate need of a departure from all the worthless Liberal schlock that has been filling up the cinemas and streaming services lately.