Trover Saves The Universe, Off-Kilter 3D Platformer Launches On PS4 May 31st
Trover Saves The Universe

Squanch Games announced that Trover Saves The Universe is set to launch on May 31st at the twilight of spring. Ahead of the release the developers rolled out a PAX West demo last year showcasing eight minutes of gameplay for the bizarrely off-kilter, gummy-drop palette 3D platformer.

The eight minute demo was featured in a lengthy blog over on the PlayStation Blog. The demo is packed with a lot of foul-mouthed NPCs and characters explaining that a big monster named Glorkon stole the two dogs of the main character and became super powered. You can check out the video below.

The game is filled with more F-Bombs than an untreated Quentin Tarantino script.

Anyway, the humor is typical of Roiland’s chatty-batty banter that you’ll find in his popular cartoon Rick And Morty, which is something a lot of brain-dead millennials who hang out on Twitter and Facebook enjoy. The actual gameplay is a mixture of talking with the bat-crazy insane NPCs inhabiting the weird world and beating up equally weird bad guys while collecting things to power up the walking purple dildo. As you journey through the game you can put things in the purple dildo’s holes to apparently change its powers or whatever. I don’t really know, they didn’t do a very good job of explaining it and all that pointless prattle really put me off.

Also, the gameplay reminds me a lot of an old THQ beat-’em-up licensed property game from back in like the mid-aughts for the OG Xbox and PS2. In fact, the gameplay looks very similar to the old Spongebob Squarepants games.

But whatever, this Liberal-besodden platformer will surely appeal to couch potatoes with a penchant for rara avis titles tucked tightly with endless, twitchy, twaddle. You can look for the game to drop on the PS4 come May 31st.


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