Twitter Temporarily Banned Journalist Brad Glasgow For Using “Learn To Code” Hashtag During Appeal
Learn 2 Code

You can’t even use the hashtag #LearnToCode when attempting to appeal on behalf of getting someone unbanned. Journalist Brad Glasgow from Game Objective was temporarily banned for 12 hours because he tweeted at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to get his friend unbanned because Glasgow’s friend used the #LearnToCode hashtag as a joke while conversing with Glasgow and found himself suspended.

The ridiculousness of the situation was outlined in a tweet by the Game Objective account, which had screenshots of the event, which showcased that Glasgow was banned for trying to get his friend unbanned.

What was the tweet that was so vile that it warranted a 12 hour ban? Well, Game Objective included a screenshot of the tweet since it wasn’t possible to link to it directly.

Yes, even discussing #LearnToCode is grounds for a ban.

This obviously goes against what Twitter’s head of the Trust & Safety Council, Vijaya Gadde, mentioned during the Joe Rogan podcast where she attempted to say that Twitter operates fairly.

Journalist Tim Pool was quick to correct Gadde by pointing out the Liberal bias in Twitter’s suspensions and specifically hammered home the point that Twitter is unfairly censoring and banning people for simply using the hashtag #LearnToCode.

Anyone using the hashtag #LearnToCode is now subject to temporary or permanent ban even if they don’t actually use the hashtag to target Leftists, Liberals, or journalists, which is originally what led to the bans. Back when 1,000 journalists were fired, a bunch of blue collar Twitter users suggested that journalists pick up a trade and learn how to code, which hearkens back to a bunch of reports when the miners in Kentucky were laid off and lots of media reports surfaced about them having to learn how to code to make ends meet.

Journalists, however, whined and cried that the hashtag #LearnToCode or its variant #Learn2Code were “harassment”, and Twitter staff began suspending accounts and banning users for using the hashtags. In this case, Brad Glasgow, a respected journalist in almost every non-Liberal circle, was temporarily banned along with his friend simply for using the hashtag even in a completely innocuous way.

This lets you know that there is still a very clear bias in how Twitter rolls out bans and suspensions for certain users when a hashtag phrase as simple as #LearnToCode can net you with a 12 hour timeout even if it isn’t aimed at anyone.

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